People are really stupid. I've noticed that lately. My mother went for Jury duty and some woman who was there to be interviewed got out of it because she claimed that sitting down too long hurt her hand. Some kind of mild carpal tunnel. My mother wanted to tell her to stop sitting on her hand.

And then there's this freaky kid at school who talks like Mr. Rogers. We went to a ropes course today and the first challenge was to wrap a rope around your waist, step up on a thin wire about two feet from the ground, give the ends of the rope to two teamates, and then pass it along to others as you move across the wire. He insisted on being one of the first people to go, and then just kept stepping off because he had "trust issues" with us and didn't feel safe. He later got on the back of his dad's motorcycle to drive home. Does anyone else see a problem with this? He also asked the counselor if any of the other challenges involved trust, and promptly declined to do them. He also complained about it to the guy who headed the ropes course, as if there was actually something to complain about. Your trust issues are your issues, sweetie. Not a damn thing he can do about it.

I've also discovered that I know words that most adults apparently don't, because they give me these confused looks when I use them. My friends know what they mean. My science teacher sometimes asks me how to spell certain words, and I can't have a decent conversation with a single elementary school teacher I've ever known. They're all just idiots. Less intelligent than a 16 year old girl. These are the leaders of our nation, the people who are allowed to boss me around?! This just seems so backwards to me...

Forgive me if this is hard to understand, I'm tired and not very articulate today.


If you know me, you know what a sucker I am for new webpages. I make new ones even when I don't have the time, energy, or resources to keep them fresh and updated. So yesterday was another one of those days that I made a page out of pure inspiration despite the fact that I should have been updating one of the ones I already had. But actually, the inspiration had come two days before. Let me explain from the beggining.

I was browsing Gundam Wing webpages about two days ago, and I kept running across all these new ones made by dubbies. Dubbies are those annyoing Toonami fans who have only ever seen the dubbed version of any anime, love Pokemon and idolize Sailor Moon, and insist they know everything about the subject even though they know jack. Well anyway, I got this crazy idea.

Let's make a webring, I said to myself, for people with half a brain who know that the subtitled version of Gundam Wing, or in fact any anime, is better than the dub. So here I was, pleased with myself for coming up with another great idea. Or I was pleased until I got to my good old reliable webring.org.

Yahoo had taken over. That's right, the Yahoo empire, that awful company that is slowly taking over the internet. They're probably going to own Blogger one of these days, you know that? In any case, Yahoo has never known when to leave well enough alone, and webring.org is apparently no exception. You know all those great HTML codes with all those beautiful graphics that gave each webring color, individuality, and creative expression? Yahoo is eliminating them like a crazed Hitler in reaction to too much diversity.

They've replaced the HTML code with this ugly gray "navigation bar" that runs on javascript, and it's about as customizable as a broom stick. First off, it's huge. I couldn't put that thing on any of my pages without it looking grossly out of place. Secondly, the options are more limited. Whereas before, one could choose to click "previous", "random", "list", "next5", "previous5", and "next", we can now choose from the ever so useful "previous", "next", and "random". Also, it comes in a limited number of colors, and try as you might, you can't get rid of that thick gray border. And what if you have javascript turned off? That was never a problem with HTML codes, to me it seems as if they're degenerating the system rather than improving it.

There also seems to be no way to edit your site information. I emailed than asking about it, but of course they never replied.

And what about all those old webrings that were started before the reign of Yahoo? They must be converted, of course. Assholes. So much for that idea.